Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Name The Movie, Win A Prize*

*And/or fist in face. Play at your own risk. Some exceptions may apply. See Sab for details.

My Dad=Not Tiger Woods

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Running Lines For Audition By Me Self... is what it is folks. Not ALL of us (*cough* Jennifer Aniston *sneeze*) have assistants to run lines with. Some of us have to record our scene partner's lines and guess the appro-pro amount of time so we can fill our own blanks. And this is what it is (bellow).

Break my legs, Foo!


Sabneerbas aka. POPPY

Monday, May 25, 2009

You might be wondering why i started this bog. Let's not lie about it. Look me in the eyes...You're dying to know.

Well first of all i wanted to prove to you that i was a really cool dude that can light a fire on a bar no problem (see bellow video).

But most of all (aka. second of all), i wanted to do something in contribution to the true movement of our time: living for the sole purpose of showing people how you lived.

I'm hoping that by the time my kids are old enough to vlog, the entire planet (even those weird countries that don't speak English) will greet each other nay with a hand shake and yay with a flash of a digi cam or camera phone. Also, i hope the terms "nay" and "yay" have a resurgence in popularity.

So from now on, if you bump into me on the streets- don't try and catch any eye contact (you pervert). Unless i say "video" or "smile" or "smile for this video!", don't expect to have any sort of discourse (not to be confused with discharge (expect alot of that*).

What you CAN expect HERE at is:
1) A really long URL
2) A really funny girl writing about really funny and cool things that she does while living in the really funny city of New York and trying to really funnily make it. It's kinda like watching Little People Big World...with the exception of a couple feet (in height) and a BIT more swearing (for cool effect) and a slightly different overall theme.
3) Me, baby. Look me in the eyes, sweetheart. Just. Me.




Sabrina Jasleeze

*Jalees Corp. is not responsible for any discharge, liquidy anything or surprise anythings experienced while running into Sabrina Jalees (CEO) on the street.